Handstand into backbend


From right: George, Roger & Lee with Mimi

What unforeseen events are set in motion, when an ordained Catholic priest in 1908 France chooses to leave the Church and elope with the woman he loves?  A novel of forbidden love, music and an audacious American legacy, propelled by one intrepid woman.  

Me & Mimi


1938 & 1982

Francis & Louise with their three children.              Before Jackie. Mimi is eight..

George Valentine as Jim Donovan in the Broadway play,  Behind Red Lights

Old Farmhouse in Norge, where Louise was born and raised.

Mimi is in the foreground.

Mimi with her sister and brothers

Fate of Angels Review

Georgie (1940-1967)

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This book had me spellbound until two in the morning! I couldn't put it down. The characters are so real, the emotion runs high, and the imagery makes you feel like you're right in the middle of an unfolding drama. A must read!  Andrea R.

This is a masterpiece! I highly recommend it if you want a great read!  ;) ncp

This is an amazing story about our Grandparents, Louise and Francis. It's a must read by all of us. Christine is a gifted writer and has blended facts and a beautiful story line in "Fate of Angles". You will not only learn the true story of the Wagner's, but live the journey of the Volk's, George, Mimi and family. It's compelling, an education, and an eye opener, plus a great read! R. Mathis

An amazing read full of so much passion and courage. It draws you in completely leaving no stone unturned. The imagery is vivid, compelling; makes you feel like you're right there...watching everything unfold with rhythmic precision. The love stories pull at your heart strings with poignant immediacy and yes, a suspenseful longing to see them succeed. JoAnna Daniels is a consummate storyteller. Cindi 

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Mimi, second from the left



Francis Wagner

Passing the time with elephants!

"One of the best books I have ever read! You, as the reader, are quickly drawn into the story by the wonderful characterization and intrigue of the story plot. It keeps you thinking about the characters and what could possibly happen to them even when you close the book. I loved the beautiful way the author wove the storytelling in such a way that I could not put the book down until I found out the outcome of the characters, their love story and their life adventure. I loved reading how the characters lives and families changed with each decision and event whether big or small. It really makes you wonder how our own individual choices have sculpted our own lives and the what if... Once I finished the book, I missed being a part of the character's lives so I will definitely be reading this book again and again." Kyra S.

Young Father Francis Wagnier



Writing a letter to George ...

Mimi at 16 enjoying a stunt.


Mimi's Life ...

Climbing to the top of the rig!

Conductor, Roger Wagner

The old church and cemetery in Norge.

Mimi dressed for her show

New York City 1938

George's Family from right: Tommy,Johnny, Irene, George, Clara, Margie, Lee & Josef

Mimi chatting with Cary Grant

Mimi Wagner at 21

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Louise & 3 children in Hollywood, CA


    JoAnna Christine Daniels

Interior St. Benigne Cathedral, Dijon


George & Mimi in their 60's

The mass was ended. With this final blessing, Father Francis escaped to the vestry to remove his robes, refraining from playing the exit hymn for fear he would have to face her. He didn’t know what to say, and he was ready to burst from his vestments he felt so warm! What was this woman—this young girl!—doing to him? How many times had he lectured to all of the sisters, administered communion, heard their confessions, and then not been able to place  a name to a voice ... a face to a smile?
Every day, he thought. Until now ...
He resolved to speak to the Bishop about it—the only solution. He deeply feared breaking the vows he spoke only two years before. He must transfer. What else could he do? But would she understand? He did not want to disillusion her, nor did he desire to lead her astray. As parish priest, he had a definite responsibility to uphold the—
“Francis?” The tentative voice came from behind. Father Francis whirled. A perfectly lovely angel stood in his doorway.
Soeur Louise! Entrez.” His heart in his throat, he walked up to her, tense, yet paradoxically, filled with burgeoning warmth. Heat suffused his body, manifest on his face. 

Once he stood before her, she stated in a clear, serene voice, “I must speak with you.” Blue, discerning eyes looked deeply into his, reached down and took hold of his heart. 

In that moment, Father Francis knew the time had come to make the most important decision of his life...